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Healthcare at its finest - Eltec Medical stands out by matching the highest level of healthcare products with 24/7 personal service hospitals can depend on.


Medical Disposables & Procedure Packs – European Quality


State of the Art Medical Devices for Research and Hospital Use

Infection Prevention

Antimicrobial Catheter Lock Solutions & Patient Monitoring Accessories


Diagnostic Imaging  QA


Spare Parts for Biomed and Imaging Equipment


Preowned & Refurbished Medical Imaging Systems

Our products

Medical Imaging Systems
& Spare Parts



Refurbished & pre-owned Nuclear Gamma Cameras



Refurbished & pre-owned systems New, refurbished and tested spare parts including probes and probe repairs service



Refurbished & pre-owned systems



Refurbished & pre-owned systems



Refurbished & pre-owned portable X-Ray systems & C-Arms, including new, refurbished and tested spare parts & battery packs



1000's of new & refurbished parts for GE VG / Elscint Varicam & SP models in stock We are a one-stop-shop for cost effective reliable spare parts for your imaging systems

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Reno Itzhaki


    About Reno Itzhaki

    With over 38 years of experience in the leading medical imaging industry, in 2005 Reno Itzhaki founded Eltec Medical. What began as supplier of pre-owned medical imaging equipment quickly grew into a family owned business specializing in marketing medical devices and supplies. 

  • Testimonial

    Ofer Itzhaki


    About Ofer Itzhaki

    After completing his dual degree in law and economics, Ofer went on to an internship focusing on commercial law and is a certified lawyer. In 2008 Ofer decided to make career shift and joined his father as the sales manager at Eltec Medical. For years was responsible for locating and introducing new medical products into the Israeli market. During this period the company enhanced its product portfolio and market share significantly. In 2015 Ofer became the CEO at Eltec Medical and maintains the family tradition of “quality first” when it comes to the products marketed.

  • Testimonial

    Koby Tal


    About Koby Tal

    Koby holds an LLB in law. After completing an internship in one of Israel’s leading law firms, he decided to pursue his passion for technology and implement his knowledge in computers.

    Koby has lead an automation renovation at Eltec Medical that supported the growing needs of our company. His persistent search for ever-more efficient conduct and improved lead/handling times, has created a constantly evolving logistics center, capable of diverse and efficient operations, enhancing the level of service our customers receive.

  • Testimonial

    Amit Amsili

    Product Specialist

    About Amit Amsili

    Amit holds a B.A. in behavioral sciences majoring in psychology and cognitive science.
    In addition, Amit has been a first-aid, CPR and emergency medicine instructor for over a decade, training hundreds of first responders and emergency medical teams nationwide.
    His background in training medical teams along with his academic knowledge and thirst for understanding every aspect of all the devices we market has resulted in a highly professional product specialist, providing the highest level of customer service medical staffs require.
  • Testimonial

    Elina Koren

    Back Office

    About Elina Koren

    Elina completed her studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is a certified veterinary nurse.
    After nearly a decade in her profession at the leading veterinary centers in Israel, Elina made a career shift to QA / computers and joined the Eltec Medical team, making a significant contribution to our customer service capabilities and catering all office administration requirements.

    Elina is fluent in Russian, English and Hebrew.

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Being a family owned and operated business, passionate about constantly improving the quality of healthcare technology in the market, our customers receive the peace of mind they need to deliver the best possible care with personal service only a family business can provide - 24/7

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